Scale Up Your Sales Without Additional Pressure Using The Bridge Marketing Automation Software

The Bridge marketing automation software makes it easier for your sales teams to match steps with the modern buyer by aligning your sales and marketing initiatives to the buyer's journey effectively. With the Bridge marketing automation software you can enhance and control your company brand and messaging across all sales and marketing channels and support your sales ecosystems effectively without overstretching yourself or the marketing budget.

Leverage the Bridge marketing automation software's powerful marketing automation features to automate your marketing process across different stages of the buyer's journey and manage your entire marketing funnel with ease.

Bridge marketing automation

Personalized asset generation

  • Personalize every bit of marketing/sales communication on the basis of seller attributes, buyer attributes or buyer behavior
  • Sales presentations (PPTs), emails, sales brochures, print materials and even web collateral, such as landing pages and websites can be personalized for maximum impact
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Bridge Personalized asset generation

Lead generation

  • Powerful lead generation tools including landing pages, lead-capturing forms, email, print, web, social media marketing tools and more!
  • Engage in multi-channel marketing lead generation campaigns effectively and enable your salespeople to do the same
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Bridge Lead generation

Content Syndication

  • Content syndication of sales and marketing assets to third-party sites and partner portals for use at the local level
  • Run campaigns and send out emails for salespeople using the "on-behalf-of" functionality
  • Leverage the capabilities of your internal marketing team while driving leads for your salespeople
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Bridge Content Syndication

Unlimited Sales and Marketing Service and
Support at No Additional Cost!


Lead Nurturing

  • Effective lead nurturing programs that help you stay in touch with leads through every stage of the sales funnel
  • Keeps your brand on-top-of-mind with your prospects
  • Automatically analyzes lead behavior, recognizes the interest and engagement level of each prospect and then puts them in personalized lead nurturing programs to effectively drive the leads from cold to warm and finally, hot
  • Nurturing leads with the Bridge marketing automation software is an easy and visual experience
  • Corporate marketing can create the nurturing drips in 3 simple steps and run the lead nurturing campaigns on behalf of sales teams
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Bridge Lead Nurturing

Social media automation

  • Powerful social media automation tools to help you run congruent corporate and partner-level social media campaigns
  • Automated social media drips to keep your social media efforts consistent
  • Utilize social lead generation and prospecting tools that help you connect with quality leads easily
  • Ensures branding and messaging consistency
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Bridge Social media automation

Email Marketing

  • Salespeople can create and send-or schedule-powerful, personalized email campaigns using pre-approved email templates
  • Ability to send and track emails from phone
  • Get alerts and notifications when someone opens or clicks on a link in the email
  • Access detailed reports on how partner and corporate email campaigns fared
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Bridge Email Marketing

360-Degree Prospect Insight

  • Get 100% visibility into the buyer's journey
  • Track lead behavior across various touch points including landing pages, social media, websites, etc
  • Know exactly what your prospects are doing—which sales email was opened, which link was clicked and what whitepaper was downloaded
  • Partners and sales people can use insight into lead activity and approach their leads better and sell faster
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Bridge 360-Degree Prospect Insight

CRM/PSA integration

  • Integrates with various CRMs at the sales level to facilitate multi-tier lead routing
  • Automatically assigns leads to salespeople based on pre-set parameters specified at the corporate level
  • Also supports round-robin or priority routing
  • Auto-syncs with CRM to ensure complete transparency between the salespeople and the corporate with respect to leads and their behavior
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Bridge CRM/PSA integration

Reporting & Analytics

  • Detailed reporting features offer over 100 built-in reports
  • Get unobstructed visibility into KPIs across various areas such as asset categories, user, organization, company and contact types, opportunity, MDF, deal registration, web and social media, etc
  • Supports custom reports
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Bridge Reporting & Analytics

Alerts and notifications

  • Get instant updates on key prospect behavior via SMS and emails prompting you to take the right action on time
  • You can also set task-reminders for your partner-users
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Bridge Alerts and notifications

Lead management

  • End-to-end lead management
  • Flexible lead data capture
  • Easy lead sharing
  • Smart lead nurturing
  • A single repository for all lead communications, including e-contracts
  • Detailed lead reporting
  • Smart lead segmentation
  • Lead alerts, notifications and to-dos
  • Lead scoring
  • CRM integration
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Bridge Lead management

Lead scoring

  • Offers an objective, relevant process for scoring leads and opportunities, ranking them based on various predefined parameters such as lead behavior, lead characteristics and other custom conditions
  • Get access to real-time, dynamic lead scores from prospect interactions across all avenues such as social media, blogs, websites, landing pages, emails, customer care centers and more
  • Gauge the interest level of your prospects and refine your marketing and sales strategy accordingly
  • Focus on the leads most likely to yield optimum revenues
  • Fully customizable, allowing you to create a scoring model that fits your industry
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Bridge Lead scoring

Multi-language support/

  • Powerful localization capabilities
  • Supports 12 major languages including German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, French, Russian, Dutch, Italian
  • Customize the language used in the platform, your partner portal, in the assets, in just one click
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Go-to webinar

  • Integrates with leading webinar platforms including Go-to webinar
  • Allows for easy webinar lead generation and management
  • Makes webinar marketing more effective with automated webinar promotional email/social campaigns and integrated landing pages
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Landing Page

  • Build search engine optimized, mobile compatible, responsive landing pages in a few minutes
  • Add forms to them that help you capture lead information
  • Track the performance of your landing pages to determine their effectiveness
  • Conduct A/B testing of landing pages
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How do you benefit from the Bridge
Marketing automation software?

  • visibility

    100% visibility of the lead-to-revenue journey, campaign performance and asset usage

  • integrity

    Better brand & content integrity management with tools for version, brand & messaging control

  • elimination

    Elimination of content silos ensures there's no duplication of marketing efforts, and gives your organization "One Voice" that is lined up with the buyer's position in the sales cycle

  • scalability

    Scalability, as your marketing team can support a growing sales team effectively with automation

  • creative

    The marketing team gets more creative time as mundane, yet important tasks such as sending follow-up emails, making social media updates our routing of leads to salespeople are automated

  • meet-sales

    Improved lead management as marketing can see where each lead is in the sales cycle, automatically nurture those who are not ready to meet sales, while automatically pushing the ones hot enough to be contacted, to sales