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Bridge PRM and Partner Marketing Software

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Helping you make the most of your investment in the
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At the Bridge PRM and Partner Marketing Software, we know that just investing in a sales or channel enablement platform is not enough. In fact, that is just the beginning. For your investment to yield results, the platform must be utilized to its fullest at both--the partner and vendor levels. From the vendor's perspective, we offer the following services to help you leverage the Bridge PRM and partner marketing software to the fullest.

Our Popular Vendor Services

Initial Review and Analysis

Initial Review and Analysis

  • Structure, technology and assets evaluation
  • Evaluation of recruitment, training & onboarding process, if any
  • Developing process for lead engagement, sales, marketing & channel enablement
  • Business audit and gap analysis
  • Overall marketing & sales analysis
Initial Review and Analysis

Asset Management

  • Importing new assets
  • Tagging assets (Filters, Expiration, Descriptions, Titles)
  • Asset personalization setup (User and Company)
  • Mapping assets to sales and marketing processes
  • Assigning correct permissions to assets
  • Ongoing evaluation and cleansing of current assets in the platform
  • Sales and marketing playbooks & data room setup with correct assets
Initial Review and Analysis

Communications and Marketing

  • Email templates setup with the HTML you provide (Our team will even recode if necessary to make emails compatible with the Bridge PRM and partner marketing software upon request.)
  • Drip templates setup
  • Social assets setup
  • Landing pages setup for lead generation, webinars, and promotions
  • Prospect, customer, and lead list management
Initial Review and Analysis

Ongoing Product Configuration and Fine Tuning

  • New user and partner administration
  • Scoring model fine tuning
  • Lead routing management
  • Interpretation of reporting and best practice recommendations
Initial Review and Analysis

Partner and User Training

  • Monthly webinars and personalized training sessions