Through Bridge, Mindmatrix offers the most comprehensive partner portal software in the industry, covering every element of partner relationship management, partner sales enablement and partner marketing. What truly sets our partner portal software apart from others is the fact that it seamlessly integrates partner sales and marketing enablement tools into the partner environment, thus helping drive greater adoption of the partner portal software by channel partners.

For channel partner relationships to be successful, vendors need to make it easy for partners to do business with them, and for them--meaning, make it easy for the partners to sell vendor products and services.

Partner Portal Sofware from Bridge

Here's how Bridge partner portal
software helps you do that.

Our partner portal software makes your channel partners more effective at marketing your products and brand while also helping them build their brand at the local level. This is made possible through various partner marketing tools that are made a part of our partner portal software. These include tools for-

Automated personalization and co-branding of all partner-facing content to help partners market and sell better at local levels

When your partners use the Bridge partner portal software, as a vendor, it becomes easy for you to manage your channel relationships from the operational perspective as well, because, apart from channel marketing and sales enablement tools, you are provided with tools for-

partners use the Bridge partner portal software

From the vendor's perspective, Bridge partner portal software helps drive adoption while
giving you full visibility of partner activities and engagement.

Integrates seamlessly with 3rd party applications making the Bridge
partner portal software the single source for key lead analytics and data Supports SAML, oAuth & API Integrations

Get a customized partner portal to suit your corporate branding in terms of look, feel and design

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The Bridge partner portal software is deployed by some of the
industry's leading companies including -