The modern buyer's journey has blurred the lines between marketing and sales significantly. Partners now look up to vendors for assistance not only for lead generation but also for lead closure. Channel partnerships become successful when companies walk their channel partners through every stage in the sales process--from lead prospecting to closure. Through its sophisticated partner sales enablement tools, the Bridge channel sales enablement software helps you cover the last mile of a successful channel relationship with your partners--closing leads.

Bridge partner sales enablement

The Bridge channel sales enablement software helps some of the industry's
leading vendors to power up their partner network by using these
partner sales enablement tools


  • "What to say to prospects, when to say it and how to say it?" Answered!
  • Automatically map your sales and marketing assets to relevant stages of the buyer's journey
  • Provide your channel partners with the right assets for each stage of the sales cycle
  • Playbooks are flexible and dynamic, allowing users to add any marketing or sales asset including PDFs, presentations, web assets, videos or infographics and lead nurturing emails, to name a few
  • Voice integrated playbooks
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Bridge Playbooks

Distributed CRM Integration

  • Integrates with various CRMs at the channel partner level to facilitate multi-tier lead routing
  • Automatically assigns leads to partners based on pre-set parameters specified at the corporate level
  • Supports round-robin or priority routing
  • Auto-syncs with CRM to ensure complete transparency between the channel partners and the corporate with respect to leads and their behavior
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Bridge Distributed CRM Integration

E-Contract Signing

  • Supports electronic document and contract signing, enabling customers and channel partners to electronically sign contracts and agreements
  • E-contract signing is also supported in the app version so your deals can be formalized anytime, anywhere
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Bridge E-Contract Signing

Guided Sales & Solution Selling

  • Build a guided sales process for your channel partners by defining the process flow for all types of leads and all the steps in your sales cycle
  • Detail which marketing and sales assets should be used at each step of the sales cycle and target that information by customer vertical, geographic region, or other criteria
  • Make it easy for new channel partners to sell your product/service by documenting processes, assets and playbooks
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Bridge Guided Sales & Solution Selling

CPQ Engine

  • Easy guided selling and proposal generation with CPQ engine
  • Quote editor with the ability to lock key areas
  • Supports different pricing and discount models
  • Built-in approval mechanism for discounts and pricing
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Bridge CPQ Engine

Sales Asset Management

  • Supports creation of multiple asset types
  • Personalization of assets
  • Easy asset import from the Cloud
  • Asset tagging for easy identification and retrieval
  • Asset feedback, scoring and rating
  • Version control and expiration dates for assets
  • Asset access controls
  • Global asset search
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Bridge Sales Asset Management
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  • Integrates seamlessly with Chrome and Outlook helping partners add a more personal touch to their interaction with leads
  • All assets, lead lists, lead response notifications and campaign reports can be accessed from the email client using the plug-in
  • Real-time synchronization of email contacts, group contacts, new recipients and tasks to the Bridge channel sales enablement software
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Bridge Plugins

Template-based asset creation

  • Template-driven approach to sales and marketing material creation ensures greater consistency and accuracy
  • Vendor's corporate marketing team can create templates and set permissions for data edits
  • Partners can create their own, personalized versions of the asset using the base template from the vendor
  • Ensures branding and messaging consistency
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Bridge Template-based asset creation

Content Syndication

  • Content syndication of sales and marketing assets to third-party sites and partner portals for use at the local level
  • Run campaigns and send out emails for local channels (on-behalf-of) functionality
  • Leverage the capabilities of your internal marketing team while driving leads for your channel partners locally
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Bridge Content Syndication

Personalized Sales Proposal & Presentation

  • Simplifies the time-consuming task of proposal generation by automating it
  • The Bridge channel sales enablement software enables your channel partners to generate complete customized proposals, in a few clicks AND get alerts and notifications whenever prospects respond
  • Provides channel partners with ready-to-use, customized proposals in a few steps
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Bridge Personalized Sales Proposal & Presentation

Asset Recommendation

  • Know which asset to use at what time with The Bridge channel sales enablement software's asset recommendation feature
  • The asset recommendation engine suggests the best asset for success—the one that is most relevant and thus most effective; based on factors such as the position of the buyer in the sales cycle, buyer behavior, buyer attributes and the opportunity
  • Whether it is for a cold call or an introductory email, the right asset is delivered to your partners for their use
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Bridge Asset Recommendation

Mobile Access

  • iPhone and Android apps that provide you anytime access to your assets, leads, important analytics/reports and campaigns
  • Get important alerts and notifications
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Bridge Mobile Access

Global asset search, filters and tags

  • The Bridge channel sales enablement software has a global asset search engine that cuts across all asset categories and program modules
  • Asset filters and tags allow for quick asset retrievals
  • Powerful asset search filters to help narrow search results making it even easier to locate an asset
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Bridge Global asset search, filters and tags

360-degree prospect insight

  • Get visibility into lead interaction with your brand
  • Get detailed insight into their activities such as marketing and sales material downloads, email opens, website visits, webinars attended, etc
  • Assess partner interactions with leads and correlate to performance
  • Coach your channel partners better
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Bridge 360-degree prospect insight

Alerts and notifications

  • Get instant updates on key prospect behavior via SMS and emails prompting you to take the right action on time
  • You can also set task-reminders for your partner-users
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Bridge Alerts and notifications

Asset Personalization

  • Personalize every bit of your marketing/sales communication on the basis of seller attributes, buyer attributes or buyer behavior
  • Sales presentations (PPTs), emails, sales brochures, print materials and even web collateral, such as landing pages and websites can be personalized for maximum impact
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Bridge Asset Personalization

How do channel partners benefit from
The Bridge partner sales enablement platform?

  • repeatable-v2

    Helps channel partners generate high-impact, personalized sales collateral--accurately branded for their local market, without depending on the vendor's corporate marketing team

  • repeatable-v2

    100% Lead visibility and insight into lead activity helps your partners approach their leads better and sell faster

  • repeatable-v2

    Channel partners get a well-guided, repeatable, scalable sales process through playbooks

  • repeatable-v2

    The Bridge channel sales enablement software makes it really, really easy for your partners to market and sell your offerings

  • repeatable-v2

    Saves your channel partners time by ensuring timely access to sales and marketing materials