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  • Partner Engagement
  • Training
  • Onboarding
  • Visibility
  • MDF
  • Incentives Management

and more with the Bridge PRM Software

Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is anything but easy. Attracting the right channel partners, training them, and keeping them engaged, while giving them the freedom to operate is a real challenge. The Bridge PRM Software makes it all work. From recruiting, all the way to closing every sale, our PRM software makes sure no one drops the ball.

The Bridge PRM software covers every element of partner relationship management, including partner recruitment, training, performance tracking, opportunity management, lead assignment, partner incentives and more! But that's not all! We also offer unlimited marketing and sales service support (at no additional cost) so you can make the most of your investment in our platform.

Here's what you get with the
Bridge PRM Software


Partner Recruitment

  • Get all the tools you need to attract and recruit the right channel partners
  • Landing pages and forms to attract partner sign-ups
  • Lead (potential partner) scoring to help you identify Hot Leads and segment and manage them effectively
  • Partner nurturing drips (emails/SMS), Lead (potential partner) activity monitoring and triggers to help you make the right move at the right time
  • Build powerful recruitment plays with consistent messaging and clear goals
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Bridge Partner Recruitment

Partner portal

  • The most comprehensive partner portal in the market; offering tools for partner training & certification, lead registration, lead & opportunity management, MDF management, and more
  • Integrates seamlessly with 3rd party applications such as ERP, ticketing systems and various CRMs
  • Single sign-on partner portal
  • Drive greater adoption by integrating sales and marketing tools with the partner environment
  • Customized to suit your corporate branding in terms of look, feel and design
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Bridge Partner portal

Learning management system (LMS)

  • Powerful learning management system for effective partner learning, training and certification
  • Create and manage learning curricula, course catalogs and similar training and educational coursework easily
  • Integrate with external learning experiences such as web-based training sessions, virtual (online) classrooms, or even actual classroom sessions with instructors
  • Measure the effectiveness of your training and enhance learning experiences for better results
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Bridge Learning management system

Partner Training And Onboarding

  • Reduce ramp-to-revenue time
  • Prepare and share effective training materials
  • Set alerts and reminders for partner users for training/certification completion
  • Track and monitor performance during the training phase
  • Conduct certification programs to assess training needs
  • Share processes, business trends and consumer insights with sales teams efficiently
  • Use interaction with the training, onboarding and certification modules to gauge engagement levels with your brand (Channel)
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Bridge Partner Training And Onboarding Certification

Deal/Lead Registration

  • Manage your lead registration process efficiently
  • Control the flow of leads to your channel partners
  • Eliminate channel conflicts
  • Use the information from the lead registration process as a metric to evaluate partner performance
  • More efficient channel performance as multiple partners don't waste their time competing for the same lead
  • Supports on-behalf deal registration, allowing marketing admins and other partners to register deals on behalf of a partner
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Bridge Deal/Lead Registration

Partner Locator

Our partner locator acts as a comprehensive database of your partner network that provides all the information your end customers need when looking for a seller to make a purchase

  • Customer-driven, guided search engine
  • Partner ratings and reviews
  • Bookmarking and sharing
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Flexible and easy to use from the partner's perspective
  • Integrates with Salesforce PRM and many other CRMs to allow lead creation of leads under partner accounts
  • Ability to review and approve partner profile information
  • Optimize lead closure probability
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Fully customizable interface
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Bridge Partner Locator

Ask us about our product locator!

Similar to the partner locator, Bridge also offers a product locator.
These come in handy when your customers are looking for a particular product to resolve their business challenges.
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Product Locator

Similar to the partner locator, Bridge also offers a product locator. These come in handy when your customers are looking for a particular product to resolve their business challenges. Just like the partner locator, the product locator is a buyer-driven, guided search engine for your products. The end customer can search for a product of their choice on your website's product locator page and they will get access to all details related to the product including sales and marketing materials such as brochures, tech specs, videos, product reviews and ratings, along with information about the partners in your network who sell those products.

The product locator is also mobile-friendly and supports localization to display results in the language of the website. Just like the partner locator, our product locator also comes with a fully customizable interface, integrating seamlessly with your website to match your branding.

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Bridge Product Locator

Opportunity Management

  • Get all the information you need regarding the sale opportunities in your pipeline, including the estimated dollar amounts
  • Strong reporting capabilities allowing you to view detailed reports, complete with visual representations for each opportunity
  • Opportunity scoring to help partners prioritize opportunities
  • Alerts and notifications for contact activities in relation to the opportunities to the respective partner
  • Integrates with all leading CRM platforms including SFDC, Autotask, ConnectWise and more for a seamless flow of Opportunity data back and forth
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Bridge Opportunity Management

MDF management

  • Keep track of MDF distributed to multiple channel partners
  • Manage your channel network's designated MDF easily
  • Partners can apply for MDF funds via their partner portal
  • Vendors can view their fund usage and approve or reject MDF requests
  • Visibility into which partners are spending MDF and what they are spending it on helps you make the most of your marketing funds
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Bridge MDF management

Lead routing

  • Smart lead segmentation and routing capabilities
  • Automatically assigns corporate-level leads to channel partners based on pre-set parameters
  • Supports round-robin or priority routing
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Bridge Lead routing

Incentives/rewards management

  • Build effective channel incentive and reward programs
  • Manage all elements of reward programs efficiently
  • Get a 360-degree view of channel partner activities and use this information to understand channel engagement index and partner performance
  • MDF and deal registration modules help you further understand partner efficacy
  • Make informed channel partner management decisions and create relevant channel partner incentive and rewards programs
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Bridge Incentives/rewards management

Co-branded assets for partners

  • Powerful asset co-branding capabilities to help channel partners leverage your corporate brand and also build their local brand
  • Create everything your channel partners need from your corporate offices and automatically customize those assets to reflect your partners' local branding
  • Customize email campaigns, landing pages, advertising campaigns, videos and other sales materials automatically
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Bridge Co-branded assets for partners

Service and support

Bridge Service and Support

Business Planning

  • Business planning support to help vendors engage and empower channel partners
  • Our in-house, 30-60-90 PRM growth model focuses on engagement, participation and partnerships to help dramatically improve your channel partner's performance
  • Our partner enablement experts work with you to understand your channel sales model and then recommend the right partner enablement solutions to help engage your channel partners, build strong partner relationships and boost sales
Bridge Business Planning

How do you benefit from the Bridge
PRM Software?

  • ability

    Ability to attract the right channel partners and build a strong channel partner network.

  • handshake-v2

    Increased partner engagement: Partner engagement becomes a tangible KPI that you can monitor, measure and improve consistently.

  • horn-v3

    100% Visibility into partner and lead activities, marketing & sales campaigns engaged at in the partner and corporate level.

  • scalability

    Scalability: Scale up your partner network while supporting them effectively and efficiently.