Bridge is an end-to-end channel partner marketing software that is powerful, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with corporate marketing strategies. The Bridge channel partner marketing software offers you marketing in a box, through its integrated product and solution-centric approach to marketing.

Though loaded with features and extremely powerful, the Bridge channel partner marketing software comes with an intuitive modern interface that makes it easy to use. The Bridge channel partner marketing software offers extensive TCMA tools to engage partners by helping them leverage corporate messaging, build their brand and drive revenue at the local level.

Bridge Channel partner marketing software

Vendors can engage in highly effective to, through, with &
for-partner marketing campaigns by leveraging these
key features of the Bridge channel partner marketing software


Social and Web Content Syndication

  • Powerful social media automation tools to help you run congruent corporate and partner-level social media campaigns
  • Automated social media drips to keep your social media efforts consistent
  • Social lead generation and prospecting tools that help you connect with quality leads easily
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
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Bridge Social and Web Content Syndication

Webinar integration

  • Integrates with leading webinar platforms including Go-to Webinar
  • Allows for easy webinar lead generation and management
  • Makes webinar marketing more effective with automated webinar promotional email/social campaigns and integrated landing pages
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Bridge Webinar integration

Video personalization

Next level personalization capabilities allowing partners to personalize the introductory and end segments of videos created at the corporate level.

Examples include adding partner logo and contact information, thereby highlighting the partner brand.

Bridge Video personalization

MDF management

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Bridge MDF management

Co-branded assets

  • Powerful asset co-branding capabilities to help channel partners leverage corporate brand and also build their local brand
  • Create everything channel partners need from corporate offices and automatically customize those assets to reflect partners' local branding
  • Customize email campaigns, landing pages, advertising campaigns, videos and other sales materials automatically
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Bridge Co-branded assets

Email marketing

  • Partners can create and send (or schedule) powerful, personalized email campaigns using pre-approved email templates
  • Ability to send and track emails from phone
  • Get alerts and notifications when someone opens or clicks on a link in the email
  • Access detailed reports on how partner and corporate email campaigns fared
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Bridge Email marketing

Personalized Asset Generation

  • Personalize every bit of marketing/sales communication on the basis of seller attributes, buyer attributes or buyer behavior
  • Sales presentations (PPTs), emails, sales brochures, print materials and even web collateral, such as landing pages and websites can be personalized for maximum impact
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Bridge Personalized Asset Generation

Lead Generation

  • Powerful lead generation tools including landing pages, lead-capturing forms, email, print, web, social media marketing tools and more!
  • Engage in multi-channel marketing lead generation campaigns effectively and enable your partners to do the same
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Bridge Lead Generation

As with all Mindmatrix products, you get unlimited marketing and sales support with the Bridge channel partner marketing software.

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Localized Marketing Automation

Powerful local marketing automation capabilities that help channel partners

  • Engage in effective marketing campaigns, consistently at the local level
  • Build their local brand
  • Position themselves as thought-leaders in the local market
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Bridge Localized Marketing Automation

Campaigns for Marketing

  • Powerful email, web and social media marketing tools that work to keep your brand on top of your prospect's mind
  • Personalize your marketing campaigns for partners and prospects
  • Schedule well-timed, pre-defined marketing campaigns in the form of email/social drips on partner and corporate levels
  • Track campaign performance and route leads or alert channel partners when leads respond
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Bridge Campaigns for Marketing

360-degree prospect insight

  • Gauge how your channel partners interact with your brand
  • Get detailed insight into their activities such as training material downloads, email opens, website visits, certifications sought, webinars attended, etc
  • Take informed channel partner management decisions
  • Assess partner interactions with leads and correlate to performance
  • Coach your channel partners to do better
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Bridge 360-degree prospect insight

Reporting & Analytics

  • Detailed reporting features offer over 100 built-in reports
  • Get unobstructed visibility into KPIs across various areas such as asset categories, user, organization, company and contact types, opportunity, MDF, deal registration, web and social media, etc.
  • Supports custom reports
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Bridge Reporting & Analytics

Brand management

  • Eliminate brand management complexities that arise from using multiple touch-points
  • Enjoy better brand management and compliance
  • A single platform for all marketing/sales materials along with a template-driven approach to sales and marketing material creation ensures greater consistency and accuracy
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Bridge Brand management

Lead management

  • End-to-end lead management
  • Flexible lead data capture
  • Easy lead sharing
  • Smart lead nurturing
  • A single repository for all lead communications, including
  • Detailed lead reporting
  • Smart lead segmentation
  • Lead alerts, notifications and to-dos
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead routing
  • CRM Integration
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Bridge Lead management

Lead scoring

  • Offers an objective, relevant process for scoring leads and opportunities, ranking them based on various predefined parameters such as lead behavior, lead characteristics and other custom conditions
  • Get access to real-time, dynamic lead scores from prospect interactions across all avenues such as social media, blogs, websites, landing pages, emails, customer care centers and more
  • Gauge the interest level of your prospects and refine your marketing and sales strategy accordingly
  • Focus on the leads most likely to yield optimum revenues
  • Fully customizable, allowing you to create a scoring model that fits your industry.
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Bridge Lead scoring

Lead nurturing

  • Effective lead nurturing programs that help you stay in touch with leads through every stage of the sales funnel
  • Keep your brand on-top-of-mind with your prospects
  • Automatically analyzes lead behavior, recognizes the interest and engagement level of each prospect and then puts them in personalized lead nurturing programs to effectively drive the leads from cold to warm and finally, hot
  • Nurturing leads with Bridge is an easy and visual experience
  • Corporate marketing can create the nurturing drips in 3 simple steps and run the lead nurturing campaigns on behalf of partners
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Bridge Lead nurturing

Landing pages

  • Build search engine optimized, mobile compatible, responsive landing pages in a few minutes
  • Add forms to them that help you capture lead information
  • Track the performance of your landing pages to determine their effectiveness
  • Conduct A/B testing of landing pages
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Bridge Landing pages

Key Differentiators of our channel partner marketing software

  • horn-v2

    True Marketing Automation Platform at the Partner Level

  • video-v2

    Video Personalization (Co-Branding, Intros and Outros)

  • monitor

    High-Impact Marketing Asset Generation (Presentation Decks, Proposals)

  • cogs-v2

    Seamless Integration and Unified Experience with SF Community

  • icon-dashboard

    Persona-Based Customized Marketing Dashboards

  • icon-push-message

    Mobile App (IOS & Android) with Push Notifications

  • icon-messages

    Enabling Partners in selling with Sales Playbooks

  • asset-data-show

    AI-Based Asset Recommendation and Scoring

  • icon-social-profiling

    Automated Partner Profiling based on Partner Website & Social Content

  • icon-growth

    Automated Partner Scoring and Engagement Engine

  • icon-service

    Unlimited Campaign Setup & Platform Configuration Services at No Additional Cost

  • icon-graph

    ROI Justified with our Consumption-Based Pricing