Guided selling with Bridge
Partner Sales Enablement software

The Bridge partner sales enablement software makes selling fun, easy and repeatable through a guided sales process that deploys playbooks and collaboration rooms

The Bridge partner sales enablement software supports guided selling through dynamic playbooks. These playbooks help you build a guided sales process by allowing you to define the process flow for all types of leads and all the steps in your sales cycle. You can also detail which marketing and sales assets should be used at each step of the sales cycle and target that information by customer vertical, geographic region, or other criteria. By documenting processes, assets and playbooks, you can make it easy for new channel partners and salespeople to sell.

Our platform has the capability to suggest the right asset for salespeople and channel partners to share with their prospects—the one that is most relevant and thus most likely to be effective, based on various factors. The content is delivered to the salespeople and partners based on the buyer's attributes, engagement score, and buyer's behavior and is dynamically adjusted to resonate with the end audience.

Salient features of our playbooks


Mobile access

The playbooks can be accessed via mobile, thus making it easy for salespeople and channel partners to connect with their prospects with the right message at any time.


Flexible, dynamic and action-oriented

Our sales and marketing playbooks are flexible and dynamic, allowing users to add any marketing or sales asset to it including PDFs, presentations, web assets, social media marketing messages including personalized LinkedIn messages, videos or infographics and lead nurturing programs, to name a few.


Personalized playbooks

Our playbook module is tightly integrated with the personalization and analytics module thus ensuring that every asset in the playbook is personalized to suit buyer behavior and attributes and its performance is tracked.


Voice integrated playbooks

The Bridge partner sales enablement software seamlessly integrates with voice platforms at the playbook level allowing for more powerful asset delivery and lead management experience. By bringing records from voice solutions onto the Bridge partner sales enablement software, this integration allows users to make phone calls to their contacts and supports the delivery of assets such as pre-recorded voicemail messages from the playbook−right from the Bridge partner sales enablement software platform.

Powerful CPQ engine that facilitates guided selling

The Bridge partner sales enablement software is also equipped with a powerful CPQ engine that allows you to configure product bundles and solutions, thus facilitating the guided sales process and simplifying proposal generation.

The CPQ engine further facilitates guided selling by

  • Assisting users in generating personalized proposals for each lead
  • Facilitating approvals for additional discounts
  • Supporting e-contract generation
  • Offering flexible pricing, markup and discount models